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In some instances, regardless of the nature of your injury or the amount of your medical bills and lost income, you will want to hire a lawyer or law firm because an insurance company or government agency simply refuses to make a fair settlement offer. In these cases, something—what lawyers can get minus the fee charged to get it—is better than nothing.

Workers are entitled to compensation for work-related injury or illness, regardless of fault or negligence. Workers’ Compensation claims pay for medical treatment and medication.

Many claims must be made within a short period of time, otherwise the injured person will be forever prevented from seeking workman’s compensation.

We have been helping injured workers for 30 years and have handled thousands of claims.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

Work-Related Injuries and Disease

f you have experienced work-related injuries or diseases in Illinois, your legal rights are protected by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act until you recover. Please notice that the law requires you to notify your employers about the accident location and time, if possible. Once you are injured during work, you should contact a personal injury lawyer on your behalf to fight for your right.

So who is covered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation law? Any individual whose place of employment is located in the State of Illinois, who has already started their job, and whose injury was caused in whole or in part by their work, is eligible.

By the law, your employer should be responsible for your work injuries.

If your employer bought commercial insurance, then the insurance company should pay the benefits. You can check our Personal Injury Compensation Calculator to get more knowledge about your work injury compensation.

Our fee is “contingent,” so we earn a fee only if you get paid. The contingency fee system enables injured workers who cannot afford to pay on an hourly rate basis to have an attorney. The fee agreement will be carefully explained to you before you retain us. We treat you with the courtesy and respect you need and deserve. We understand that a Workers’ Compensation claim can add an incredible amount of stress to any person’s life. Our experience and our goal to put you at ease will ensure that your claim is handled in the quickest and hassle-free way possible.

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