After an accident, an insurance company may ask you to sign certain forms. They might even try to pressure you into thinking that you have to. In order to protect yourself, it’s vital to consult your lawyer before signing anything, as these documents could affect your rights and the amount of compensation you receive.

A Few Forms You May Be Asked to Sign…

One form you may be asked to sign is medical related, giving the insurance company the power to obtain your medical records.  But this power could be broad, meaning they have the right to obtain ALL your medical records, including those unrelated to the accident.  The insurance company will be looking for ways to avoid paying you.  For example, based on the records, they may try to claim your injuries were pre-existing or caused by something other than the accident.

An insurance company may also ask you to sign a “release” of all claims in return for a small sum of money.  Signing this could end your claim for far less than you’re legally entitled to receive.  Remember that if you sign a “release,” it’s very hard to cancel it if you later find out your damages are higher.

After an accident, consult your lawyer before you sign anything.  It can make the difference between receiving little or no compensation versus the maximum recovery.

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