Many accident victims don’t make a claim because they think they can’t afford the legal fees. It’s important to remember that most personal injury claims are handled on a contingent fee. This means the legal fee is paid from the recovery. If there’s no recovery, there’s no legal fee. (There may, however, be court and other costs.)

No Recovery, No Fee: How Accident Victims Are Charged

Contingent legal fees provide many benefits to accident victims. The following are some of the benefits of retaining a lawyer on contingency:

* It allows accident victims who have a good case to get a lawyer’s help and obtain access to our legal system regardless of how wealthy they are. To enforce their rights, accident victims often have to make claims against big businesses, product manufacturers and large insurance companies.  Without contingent fees, it would be hard for most accident victims to make claims against these big corporations and recover compensation from them. 

* It provides strong incentive for your lawyer to get the maximum recovery for you.  Lawyers are professionals who will work hard for you and fight to enforce your rights. By having a stake in the outcome of your case, your lawyer is even more motivated to get you the maximum compensation.

* It strengthens your position when dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies have teams of adjusters and lawyers working to lower payouts to accident victims. By having a lawyer on your side who is experienced dealing with insurance companies and who knows the things they do to try to reduce accident compensation, you’re in a much stronger position and more likely to receive a higher recovery.

Thanks to contingent legal fees, you can get the help of a qualified and experienced lawyer after an accident, even if you think you could not otherwise afford to hire one.

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