There are many reasons that an accident victim could not receive the full compensation that they are entitled to receive. Some reasons are based on a lack of information, and some are based on fear of the unknown, including not knowing what to expect. Believe it or not, many people who have been in an automobile, slip and fall, or other kind of accident hesitate to make a claim because they think they’ll have to spend time in court. 

Most Personal Injury Claims Don’t Involve Going To Court

It’s important to remember that most personal injury claims — well over 90% according to several studies — are settled without the accident victim ever going to court.

Even though most injury claims are settled, some require filing a lawsuit.  This is because insurance companies or the other side may dispute aspects of a claim, so a lawsuit is necessary for the accident victim to get what they are entitled to receive.  Even if a lawsuit is filed, it’s still highly likely the case will settle before trial.  The number of injury cases that actually go to trial is extremely low.

If you’ve been in an accident, don’t let the fear of going to court stop you from making a claim.  You could be giving up compensation you’re legally entitled to receive, which could help take care of you and your family while you recover from your injuries.  Also, if your personal injury claim is like most others, it’s very unlikely that you will ever go to court.

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